Central Valley Horror Club hosts Visalia’s first Vampire Ball

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Visalia Vampire Ball

Bring out your capes and fangs, because Visalia’s first Vampire Ball is debuting Saturday at All Pro Pizza

This is the Central Valley Horror Club’s second horror-themed ball. The group’s first even was an August bash featuring zombies.

Kaci Hansen, the club’s organizer, said that more people turned out for that event than the club organizers expected.

“We weren’t really sure how people would react to dressing up in August when it wasn’t Halloween,” Hansen said. “We don’t really like using Halloween as the only excuse to dress up. We like to find any excuse to get into character.”

Those who do come in costume pay $3 to enter the ball. Admission for noncostumed attendees is $5. Two live bands will play: GATJA, a metal/rock band, and The Chamberlains, who play new-wave goth rock that Hansen said is reminiscent of The Cure or Depeche Mode.

DJ AR and DJ Malice will pump out industrial and dark wave music for the rest of the evening, “to go with the vampire thing,” Hansen said.

There will be a contest for the best vampire costume, and Hansen is hoping that people turn out in their finest.

“There’s some who will go with the more romantic ‘Interview with a Vampire’ look, and others will do the Nosferatu look — that’s the creepier vampire, where he’s bald and has pointy ears and very long fingers,” she said.

While she admits that recent vampires, such as those of “Twilight” fame, are popular, she’s hoping most people turn towards more classic movies to inspire their look.

It’s also acceptable for people to arrive as “victims” of vampires, complete with bite marks, Hansen said.

The best costume award won’t be based just on looks, but also on staying in character. Hansen recalls being quite impressed with the “zombie king” who took first place at the Zombie Ball.

“He stayed in character the whole time, even when he came up and got this award he was limping and grunted,” she said.

Hansen estimates that a little more than 200 people showed up to the Zombie Ball.
She thinks even more will be drawn to the Vampire Ball because that particular undead creature has a broader appeal.

While the balls are fun, they’ve also been a business boon to Eric Williams, owner-operator of All Pro Pizza.

“It helps me with the business in this tough economy we have right now, and we’ve got to find new ways to bring in money,” he said.

Williams first let the club host a monthly horror movie night there, and when he saw that the members were a good bunch, he agreed to let them host the Zombie Ball.

“I think they’re great,” Williams said.


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